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Mons 2017


Yestereday we had perfect sunshine and a very nice cross in Mons.  Ken De Dycker, Jeremy Van Hoorebeek and Steve Ramon were the stars for the MX1.  It was perfect for them. Jerre was the best and Ken followed nicely.  Steve Ramon finished 3rd in the first race and 4the in the secnd where Damon Graulus was 3rd.


MX2 only had 14 pilots but it was nice to look at. Marc  Boot and Glenn Bielen. Marc Boot won the first and Glenn Bielen the secnd.


We do not want to judge the Belgian Championships. Fot us it was a shame that there were only a few pilots present.  The crosses were nice and lovely.  We just did not like that only a few topriders were there.  How it evolves , we will see later.